Bi-directional metal seated ball valves

Product Description

Our Bi-Directional Metal Seated Ball Valve is a new generation high performance product designed and developed by Jiangnan, with significant improvement on existing technology. It features metal to metal seal design between ball and seats, full-bore and bi-directional seal.

It also provides other features such as frictionless closure with secondary seal specially designed to eliminate friction by rotating disc on a deviated seat. Ball pieces expand to seal and close and contract to release and open. This frictionless design resolves the problem of seat wear and tear in traditional ball valves, gate valves and plug valves, therefore extending service life.

Design Description:

Nominal Diameter: DN50~DN500, NPS2~NPS20

Nominal Pressure: PN16~PN420,CL150-CL1500

End Connection: Flanged

Body Material:  A216 WCB, A217 WC6/WC9, A351 CF8/ CF8M, A352 LCB/LCC

Seat: metal to metal, 13Cr, HF, Stellite

Operator: gear,electric, pneumatic, hydraulic

Working temp: -196℃~620℃