Technical ability


Valve Research Institute


Product Display Center


Nuclear valve development Center

Designing ability


Static stress simulation


Flow field simulation


Temperature field simulation

Quality assurance ability

The company has established a richly equipped, spacious and bright laboratory. Jiangnan Valve has complete testing and testing equipment, which can perform chemical element analysis, mechanical performance testing, infrared temperature control, heat treatment, non-destructive testing, low fugitive detection of helium mass spectrometer, vacuum testing, etc.

Helium Mass Spectrometry

Material Impact Testing

Chemical Analysis of Materials

Thickness Layer Detection

Mechanical Property Test

Material Hardness Test

PT NoMaterial Chemical Composition Test

Valve Pressure Test

RT Nondestructive Testing

UT Nondestructive Testing

PT Nondestructive Testing

MT Nondestructive Testing

Technological achievements

Strategic cooperation with domestic research institutes

1. Cooperate with Shanghai Steam Turbine Works to develop steam turbine reheat valve sets for nuclear power plants;

2. Cooperate with China Academy of Aerodynamics to develop intelligent regulating fast closing valves for high-speed wind tunnels;

3. Cooperate with CGN China Institute of Science and Technology to develop containment fuel refueling valve for nuclear power plant;

4. Cooperate with the Design Institute of CGNPC to develop nuclear grade valves for nuclear power plants;

5. Cooperated with China Turbine Power Research Institute to developlar ge-caliber high-temperature axial flow control valve;

6. Cooperated with China Shipbuilding Research Institute to develop Marine valves;

7. Cooperate with Hefei General Machinery Research Institute to develop all-welded pipeline ball valves;

Nuclear Reheat Double Valve Set

One of the key devices in the nuclear power turbine system is the non-nuclear valve which is installed in the pipeline between the steam separation reheat ER(MSR) and the steam turbine low pressure cylinder (LP). At present, our company is the only domestic valve supply performance manufactures.


  • National torch plan industrialization demonstration project;
  • The first set of products in Zhejiang Province;
  • Provincial major science and technology special products;
  • Zhejiang manufacturing group standard presided over the drafting unit;
  • Obtained a number of inventions, utility model patents;
  • China machinery industry science and technology award.

Supersonic Wind Tunnel Control Valve

The large-scale supersonic wind tunnel test used in the Turbine Research Institute opened up a new path for China's large-scale aircraft manufacturing test.


  • The first set of products in Zhejiang Province;
  • National key new products;
  • The product is drafted by Zhejiang Manufacturing Group Standard;
  • Obtained a number of inventions, utility model patents.